Jamie Hale, also knows as ‘JIM’, is an upcoming producer from Birmingham. He creates minimalist chill-out beats which have an ambient, simplistic feel to them.

Jamie approached me looking for some artwork for a series of EP’s he was planning to release. This will be the first music ‘JIM’ as a producer would be releasing music so I knew how important it was to get them right and really get this specific producer started off on the correct aesthetic path.


I worked really closely with Jamie on these designs, with the actual music having the biggest impact on the design choices I made. The two artwork designs named ‘Avoidant’ and ‘Night, love u’ had a heavy imput from Jamie himself with a constant back and forth between him and I, where-as the artwork designed for ‘Whiskey spit take’ was completely my own direction as Jamie felt he could trust me from now on to create something that would work for him and his music. This is now his and my favourite design so far. This has taught me that sometimes you just need to build a bit of trust with a client before they allow you your design freedom. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed creating these EP artworks and it has been a good relationship between the client and I. We are both very happy with the results and I get the impression I will be asked to do work for him in future.