Burno finish_edited.jpg
Burno idea.jpg

Burno is a Disco Dj/producer based in Bristol who has recently been growing to point of playing sets along side worldy renound DJ’s in world class venues such as Motion Bristol.

This design was created last year but I thought I would include it as it is still some relevant work to my design style and process now. This was created for an unreleased song remixed by Burno. I feel as though this piece of work is really strong especially for its 3 dimensional aspect looking like a record and case.


I feel as though this gives it that edge over other designs that I saw for the same song and which is why he was so fond of this specific piece.


The pink circular image was there to represent a disco ball in a very abstract and linear way. I feel as though this works well with the shape of the record and the genre of music it has been designed for.


Looking back, if i was going to improve on something, I would have possibly tried out different designs and given the client more of an option to choose from then I would be more certain it is what they are looking for and it’s always a good thing to learn from things that didn’t work so you can take that knowledge into the next piece of work I create.

To go along with the album art, I also created a music video for the upcoming track. This consisted of some after effects typographic work being projected onto a dancer which we agreed really matched the theme of the song and captured the narrative perfectly.

This was then edited down to allow the words being projected to fit with the lyrics in the song and I believe it turned out well.