Insta OA.jpg

This is the 2 dimensional poster I designed to accompany my motion piece for opportunity acceptance project. I have tried to incorporate every element of the video into a poster design from the times the screen grabs were taken to the actual illustrations that were chalked onto the road. The whole poster is combined together by a sketched line going through the middle of the artwork which relates to the drawing and sketching process which is the back bone for this whole project. 


This is a new sort of design to what I usually work with. I wanted to try something new and try out some new fonts combining with some new illustrations. This is one of my favourite designs that I have created and really enjoyed working with a new sort of style. I feel like this poster is a good starting point to design the publication which will also accompany the poster and video.


I feel like I had to add a small quote which sort of sums up the whole message behind the project. I feel like this gives a slight insight into what the whole project is all about and will hopefully entice people to read into my work and get them interested in the message I am trying to communicate.

Instagram OA 1.jpg

I decided to create a short booklet to accompany my video along with the poster because I wanted another print based aspect that would be more information based as I was unable to have all this type on the poster.


This also allowed me to explore new sizes and binding techniques to give the project a wider range of outcomes that would all be displayed as a package. I have tried to keep the same design strategy with the pages but just use it in a slightly different way and format.


I feel as though by having 3 separate outcomes for the same project really solidifies the message I am trying to communicate, it also creates a package of outcomes ranging from motion to print based work. I hope this shows off my skills in both and also shows that print work and motion work can be presented together in a uniform manner.


It feels good to have a strong project outcome after the poor and slow start that unfortunately occurred in the early stages of this project and I am proud of myself for the high level of determination and work rate that has made these outcomes happen in the set time.


These are some screen-grabs from the video I have filmed this week and I have to say I am really pleased with how it turned out. I have never experimented with drone filming before and feel like, for a first attempt, it has come out really strong and exactly how I wanted it to look. It also feels like a relief that it has finally been done after 2 weeks of being left down and going through different complications. 


I decided to make the images black and white with added effects so that they all look uniform and the artwork on the road shows up more. I also feel like this monotone look will help me create a better poster further on in the project. I plan to do a monotone poster that will be printed on coloured paper because I feel like this will look the strongest and most uniform with the other outcomes involved in this project.


I also think this is one of the best ways to show a process through a motion piece in a 2-D format. A series of images can still show an element of motion but can be printed out and used for publications and posters.