This is my ISTD submission 2020. I chose to focus my ideas around the concept of numbers. This imaginative publication aims to change peoples perception on the concept of measurements and allows the reader to really question what they mean and where they came from.

Where on earth did measurements even come from? Who thought of the names for each unit? If I’m honest, that’s not really important right now, what is important however, is there is a new kid on the block. The pint. Well obviously the pint has been around for nearly 200 years but now, today, the pint has new meanings. This book is an example of how measurements where first invented and how it could be done today. The pint is a very common measurement amongst young adults and alcoholic drinkers but what else is it used for? I mean pounds measures an amount of money and it can also measure an amount of weight. So why can’t other things start to do the same? I think so. This book will open your mind to new possibilities and give the measurement of a pint a seat in a royal throne. Everyone loves a pint but it is so under-appreciated in modern day measuring. Lets bring it into the world of maths and numbers.