Adam Pugh, also known as ‘Adzzy’, is a drum and bass DJ from Brighton living in Bristol.

Adam approached me with ideas of a new logo for his ever growing name in the music industry. Due to the corona virus outbreak, contact between me and Adam was limited and made it more difficult to get instant feedback and requests. This was however something that, eventually, did not effect the quality of outcome for this new logo design. 


As you may already know and see, the drum and bass design scene is taking a much more simplistic and modern approach to it’s usual over the top and bold kind of approach. This is because design is becoming more and more relevant to this specific culture and is a crucial part of having a strong body of work and a recognisable identity.


Logo design is not something I feel I have properly explored and worked closely with, however I feel as thought I am able to understand the client and create a strong looking identity to match their requirements. With this specific logo, I wanted to design a range of different looking logo’s to show to Adam so I could get an idea of what path they wanted to be going down. I felt as though this would be the best way for the client to be able to physically see what was going on in my head so it would be easier to both arrive at a happy outcome.